I have been coming to Myrtle Beach for 40 years and now live here. During these 40 yrs, me and my family have always hated the trip here and home because of the mostly two lanes road we had to travel on in South Carolina. I have heard many many "northern" people complain about this problem and some often said they did not come to Myrtle because of this problem.
I am so excited that this situation might change. It is such an important issue for South Carolina.

J. Sanborn – Little River, SC


Please use stimulus money for I-73 into Myrtle Beach. We desperately need a quicker connection from I-95 here for both tourists and evacuations. Also, we need a shoulder added on Glenn's Bay Rd. in Surfside for pedestrians and bicycles. Thank you.

U. Yelenovic - Surfside Beach, SC


We need I-73. Why doesn't Governor Sanford and Secretary Limehouse support this? It's crazy. I voted for Sanford but NEVER again if he does not step up on this one. He promised I-73 when he ran. It's time to make good on that promise.

J. Stanley – Conway, SC


We need I-73. The state needs to build this road NOW. No excuses. Build it now. We need the road and we need the jobs.

M. Cantore – Myrtle Beach, SC


The time has come, let's start laying asphalt. Build I-73 today. This interstate should have been built a long time ago. We should use stimulus money and every other means to pay for this road, including tolls. Make it happen.

K. Meters – Surfside Beach, SC


DOT should make this the #1 priority. I do not understand why Buck Limehouse is not willing to start construction on this road. If Governor Sanford truly supports this road, he should tell Limehouse to build it or find himself a new Secretary of Transportation.

G. Hearth – Little River, SC


We need jobs, jobs, jobs. Start it today. Time's a wasting. I support I-73 so let's get it built soon.

W. Henk – Loris, SC


I believe I73 would be the best starting point to spend the money. It should be the #1 priority on the states list.

T. Wolfe – Conway, SC


I fully support Interstate 73. This road was needed a long time ago. It should already be built. SCDOT needs to get busy laying asphalt NOW.

H. Cassidy – Conway, SC


What a shame that SCDOT is procrastinating on this project. I thought it was the #1 project for SCDOT? Gov. Mark Sanford has always told us he supports I-73. It is time for Gov. Sanford to tell SCDOT that he wants to see I-73 begin during his term as Governor. We need the jobs, let's get this road started.

M. Allen – Myrtle Beach, SC


Find the money, build the road, sooner rather than later. We needed this highway 20 years ago.

D. Witty – Surfside Beach, SC


This is crazy, we need this road to be built now. People are hurting and jobs are becoming scarce. What a shame if SC gets millions of dollars for road construction and they do not put even a dime towards I-73. That would be very sad. We cannot let that happen. We must have an interstate connection.

L. Jahnes – Little River, SC

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