While Interstate 73 is a key infrastructure need for the Grand Strand and Pee Dee regions, there are numerous other projects that could benefit from program funding likely to be invested through the proposed economic stimulus package. These projects include:

Expansion of Myrtle Beach International Airport

Horry County is proceeding with a planned expansion of the current airport. A new terminal will be added on the east side of the runway, next to the existing terminal. Much of the funds needed to complete this project will come from cash reserves accumulated from prior operations and PFCs (passenger facility charges). Federal funding through the FAA will be needed to complete this project.

Expansion of the Myrtle Beach Convention Center

The convention center, built in the mid-1990’s, is approaching capacity. Additional exhibit space and meeting space is needed. The State of South Carolina provided an initial allotment in 2006 to enable the city to purchase adjacent land needed for this expansion. The city intends to proceed with expansion of the facility in the near future but funds are not currently available. Funding from the stimulus package could be used to begin sitework and construction of the expansion.

Deep Water Ocean Outfalls

Our coastal communities have made great strides in building additional oceanfront infrastructure, commonly known as ocean outfalls or “pipes off the beach”. These large pipes lay at the bottom of the ocean floor and allow for storm water runoff to be directed away from the coast. This enhances the measured quality of our ocean water and removes the need for outfalls on the beach. Much progress has been made but additional outfalls pipes are needed.

Local Roads

There are many local road needs, due in large part to the fast-growing population of the Grand Strand. Areas like Carolina Forest and the South Strand have seen double-digit population growth in recent years, creating the need for additional roads and highways. Other roads, like Harrelson Boulevard, have long been identified but remain unfunded. While I-73 will provide an important access point to and from the Grand Strand, there are many local road needs that could be funded through the economic stimulus package.

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