South Carolina will receive billions of dollars as part of the upcoming stimulus package. Some have estimated South Carolina could receive as much as $5 billion. While it remains to be seen just how much money will be invested in South Carolina infrastructure, it is clear that we have a unique, one-time opportunity to spur construction on this project, which SCDOT and the United States Congress have both identified to be a high priority.

Interstate 73 Is A Priority

South Carolina Department of Transportation has identified Interstate 73 to be its "top new road project".
The United States Congress has designated Interstate 73 a "Highway of National and Regional Significance".
In a 2007 Zogby Poll, 74% of South Carolinians identified Interstate 73 as either "Important" or "Very Important" to South Carolina.

Interstate 73 has broad support. Who supports building Interstate 73?

Governor Mark Sanford
Secretary of Transportation Buck Limehouse
The SCDOT Commission
Northeastern Strategic Alliance (NESA)
Pee Dee Council on Government (Pee Dee COG)
Waccamaw Council on Government (Waccamaw COG)
Congressman Gresham Barrett
Congressman Henry Brown
Congressman Jim Clyburn
Senator Jim DeMint
Senator Lindsey Graham
Congressman Bob Inglis
U.S. Secretary of Transportation Mary Peters
Congressman John Spratt
Congressman Joe Wilson

Is Interstate 73 Ready To Go?


The final locations for the northern and southern legs of Interstate 73 were selected in 2007.
The environmental impact statements (EIS) have been completed.
The record of decision by the Federal Highway Administration has been issued.
The right-of-way purchase has begun.
For More Info Visit www.I73.com